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Updated: 29 August  2016

Here's a chicken beautifully packaged in one of our top-quality poultry shrink bags. (label by  Grower's Discount Labels)

Shrink-bagging is the most reliable and sure way to preserve the freshness and quality of your processed birds. Shrink-bagged birds keep better and longer in the freezer—freezer burn is not an issue with shrink-bagged birds.

Shrink-bagged poultry also looks far more attractive and has a greater perceived value than loose-bagged birds. This is no small matter if you sell your poultry.

You can shrink-bag your poultry very easily without buying any expensive or temperamental machines. All you need is hot water!

...How To Shrink-Bag Chickens...
If you are new to using poultry shrink bags, be sure to check out This Photo Tutorial. It shows and tells you how remarkably easy it is to shrink-bag a chicken. The same technique applies with larger birds.

...About Our Shrink Bags...
The poultry shrink bags we sell are commercial-grade, round-bottom, barrier bags made specifically for poultry. They shrink tight and they shrink crystal clear.

...Shrink-Bag Size...
We offer a 10” by 16” shrink bag for chickens. This size will easily accommodate full-size processed chickens weighing up to 6-pounds. Chickens up to 10-pounds have also been bagged in this size (Click Here and read "Good Idea #6" for details). In other words, this bag will work just fine for 90% of the chickens being raised by all you home and small-farm poultry producers out there.  For really big chickens, our small turkey shrink bags should do the job.

For larger birds, check out our 
Turkey Shrink Bags.

To purchase just zip-ties and sheets of freezer-adhesive labels, go to This Page (and scroll down to the bottom).