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Turkey Shrink-Bags
To Canada

Yes, we ship turkey-size (and chicken-size) shrink bags to Canada. We ship via US Postal Service Priority mail. 

(Please be aware that there may be some sort of import fee expected of you by the Canadian government when you get your order.)

If you want bags shipped to Canada, simply send us an e-mail at and let us know what bags you want. We will calculate the total cost, with shipping, and e-mail an invoice to you.

Please be sure to request bag quantities in the following increments:

Chicken—Broiler (4 to 7 lb. birds)—25 bags
Turkey—Small (7 to 15 lb. birds)—15 bags
Turkey—Medium (15 to 25 lb. birds)—10 bags
Turkey—Large (25 to 30 lb. birds)—10 bags

You can pay the invoice we send you online with a credit card, or out of your PayPal account. You can also print the invoice off and send it to us with a check or money order (payable in US dollars). Our mailing address is:

Planet Whizbang
5604 Murphy Hill Road
Moravia, N.Y. 13118