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Chicken-Size Shrink Bags

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We've got just the right shrink-bag for this chicken! (photo link)

This page provides you with three different options for purchasing chicken-size shrink bags. These bags are 10” x 16” and will package 6-pound dressed birds easily. With some extra effort, the bags will accommodate dressed birds up to seven pounds. For larger chickens, we recommend our small turkey-size bags.

If you want Turkey-size bags, Click Here

Please note that all prices on this page include the cost of shipping. There is no additional charge for shipping.

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Option #1 
Shrink-Bag “Easy Kits”

Our Shrink Bag "Easy Kits" include shrink bags, zip-ties and 2" x 2" blank labels with freezer adhesive. Prices include Priority shipping to any US address.

If you are a home-scale poultry producer,  or you are new to shrink bags, you might want to consider getting one of our “Easy Kits” as pictured above. These kits contain 10” x 16” poultry shrink bags along with 4” zip-ties and 2” x 2” peel-and-stick freezer adhesive bag labels. You supply the hot water and chickens and our Easy Kits make shrink bagging easy.

To order, simply choose a quantity from the drop-down menu below and click the “Add to Cart” button. All Easy Kits are shipped by US Postal service Priority Mail and prices below include the cost of shipping.

Price: See Drop-Down Menu Below

Availability:  Back in stock & ready to ship.

Option #2
Just Bags
We sell bags only in 25-bag increments. All prices include US Postal Service Priority mail shipping to any US address.

If you want to purchase just bags (no zip ties and no freezer labels),  you can do so with the drop-down menu options below. These bags are 10” x 16” 

We sell the bags in 25-bag increments and the cost of shipping by US Postal Service Priority Mail to any US address is included in the prices given.

You will notice that quantity options go up to 250 bags. That is how many we can fit into a Flat Rate Priority box. Therefore, if you want, for example, 500 shrink bags, you need to order 250 bags twice. Your order would then be shipped to you in two Priority boxes. This system of packaging makes it easier for us to get your order shipped out promptly.

Price: See Drop-Down Menu Below
Availability: Back in stock & ready to ship.

Option #3
Uncounted Box of 1,000 
(the most economical  option)

A box of 1,000 uncounted shrink bags

We receive shrinkbags from our supplier in boxes of 1,000. Then we count out 50 bags at a time and re-package them. Counting and repackaging takes a lot of time. Time is money. If you purchase an uncounted box of 1,000 @ 10” x 16” chicken shrink bags that means we don’t have to count them, and we can pass the savings to you. But there is a little hitch....

The count in the boxes is rarely an even 1,000 bags. Occasionally it’s a few bags more than a thousand, or it’s a few bags less. Just so you know.

The price below includes UPS Ground shipping anywhere in the lower 48 United States (be sure to give us your street address for UPS delivery). 

These bags are boxed and ready to ship. If we receive your order before 10:00 am on a business day, we can usually get the box of 1,000 bags shipped out the same day. If not the same day, they will ship out the next business day.

Please Note: These 1,000 boxes do not include zip ties or freezer labels. See Option 4 below to purchase a 1,000-box with the ties and labels. 

Price: $295.00
Availability: Back in stock & ready to ship!

Option #4
Uncounted Box of 1,000 
(with zip ties and freezer labels)

If you want a 1,000-box of 10" x 16" shrink bags with 1,000 freezer labels and 1,000 zip ties, this is the option for you.

Price: $332.00
Availability: Back in stock & ready to ship!

A Note For NY State Residents
Our online shopping cart system will automatically add 8% sales tax to all orders sold to New York State residents. If you are tax exempt, simply provide us with the proper sales tax exemption form. Mail it to us (contact information is here) and once we get it we will refund any sales tax you have paid.