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Chicken Shrink Bags To Canada

We are now shipping poultry shrink bags to Canada. This page offers you fast & easy order buttons for our popular chicken-size shrink bags. If you want turkey-size bags, or a mixture of turkey and chicken bags you can easily request a price quote. Click Here for details.

Orders to Canada will be mailed out by US Postal Service International Flat Rate Priority boxes. Delivery time for this mode of shipment is 6 to 10 business days. The cost of shipping is included in the prices below.

(Please be aware that there may be some sort of import fee expected of you by the Canadian government when you get your order.)

This page provides you with two different options for purchasing chicken-size shrink bags (10” x 16”—suitable for 4 to 6 pound dressed birds). 

Option #1 
Shrink-Bag “Easy Kits”
Our Shrink Bag "Easy Kits" include shrink bags, zip-ties and 2" x 2" blank labels with freezer adhesive. Prices include Priority shipping to any Canadian address.

If you are a home-scale poultry producer,  or you are new to shrink bags, you might want to consider getting one of our “Easy Kits” as pictured above. These kits contain 10” x 16” poultry shrink bags along with 4” zip-ties and 2” x 2” peel-and-stick freezer adhesive bag labels. You supply the hot water and chickens and our Easy Kits make shrink bagging easy.

To order, simply choose a quantity from the drop-down menu below and click the “Add to Cart” button. All Easy Kits are shipped by US Postal service International Priority Mail and prices below include the cost of shipping.

Price: See Drop-Down Menu Below
Availability: Back in stock & ready to ship.


Option #2
Just Bags
We sell bags only in 25-bag increments. All prices include US Postal Service Priority mail shipping to any Canadian address.

If you want to purchase just bags (no zip ties and no freezer labels),  you can do so with the drop-down menu options below. These bags are 10” x 16” 

You will notice that quantity options go up to 300 bags. That is how many we can fit into an International Flat Rate Priority box. 

Price: See Drop-Down Menu Below

Availability:  Back in stock & ready to ship.


Option 3
Uncounted Box of 1,000  
(your most economical option)

A box of 1,000 uncounted bags

Contact us for current pricing, with postage to Canada figured in.

Option 4
Uncounted Box of 1,000  
(with zip ties and freezer labels)

Contact us for current pricing, with postage to Canada figured in.