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You can contact us 24 hours a day by sending an e-mail message to:

We will respond to your e-mail within 24 hours (in most instances we will respond much sooner than that). If you do not get an e-mail response from us in that time, please check your spam filter. If you still don't find an e-mail reply from us, something else went wrong. Send another e-mail. We are diligent about answering all e-mail promptly.

We also have another e-mail address that you can use to contact us. It is:

Another option (if e-mail doesn't work) for contacting us is to simply click on "Post a Comment" below and type your message (be sure to include your e-mail). We will receive the comment when it is sent to us for moderation.

Our mailing address is:

Planet Whizbang
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