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Zip Ties

These zip ties are 4" long and have 18lb. tensile strength. They come in bags of 100 ties.

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Bags of 100 ties

These labels are plain white, 2" x 2" and come 20 to a sheet. They have freezer adhesive on the back. The adhesive will stay stuck to your shrink bag in the freezer, which is exactly what you want from a label on a package that will be frozen (labels without freezer adhesive will not stay stuck). These labels are, however, not waterproof. So it is important that your package be dry when you apply the label. 

You can run these label sheets through your printer. I do not think they have an Avery number, but one customer figured out how to print them out and the specifications he gave me are at the bottom of this page. The label sheets are, of course, much cheaper when you buy more than one sheet.

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Sheets (20 labels)

 Printing on 
Our Freezer Labels
The following specifications for printing on the freezer label sheets we sell (above) were provided to me by a customer. I have not tried printing them myself. He told me they are what he used with his Microsoft Word operating system:

Sheet Size: 8.5" x 11"

Labels Per Sheet: 20

Shape: Round Corner Rectangle

Corner Radius: 0.0625"

Length: 2"

Height: 2"

Top Margin: 0.25"

Bottom Margin: 0.25"

Left Margin: 0.25"

Right Margin: 0.25"

Horizontal Spacing: 0"

Vertical Spacing: 0.125"

Horizontal Pitch: 2"

Vertical Pitch: 2.125"