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As of July, 2017 we now have shrink bags sized for poultry parts. They measure 7" x 11" (an excellent size for parts) and shrink just like our other bags. These bags are BPA free and made in the USA by the Flavorseal company. You can also use these bags for smaller birds, like quail and dove. 

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How To Shrink 
Small Parts Bags

As mentioned above, you can shrink these small bags just like the larger bags. But if you have a heat gun, you can do a real nice shrinking job with that. 

Marlene Kimball shows how to shrink a parts bag with a heat gun at 10:40 into This YouTube Movie (watch to the very end and you'll see that we had fun making that video). 

Although Marlene used an inexpensive impulse heat sealer to close the bag before heat-shrinking, you can also use zip ties or hog rings.

This Link will take you to an older photo tutorial of different heat-shrinking methods we experimented with for small shrink bags. It even discusses using heat-shrink bags for freezing blueberries. 

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